Ethics of Documentary Pt1 - Marc Radomsky - Struggle Street

Marc Radomsky produced and directed the highly discussed Struggle Street, which set the record for the most watched original documentary program on SBS.  In this episode he speaks about the controversy surrounding the shows' release, and questions the ethics of a media landscape wherein a documentary is criticised before it is released.

Here is the complete video, shot and edited by Joshua Marks and Erika Addis. 

Here's the wonderful Ethics of Documentary panel, recorded by OzDox and featuring;
Marc Radomsky on Struggle Street and Outback Kids.
Jen Peedom on Sherpa, Living The End and Solo.
Blue Lucine on Forced Out and A Thousand Suns.
Rebecca Barry on I Am A Girl - Aziza's Story

It's a very long video, but there are a ton of gems in it!

Writer/ Director