Dear ADG members, industry colleagues and those interested in the creative work and life of screen directors - welcome to the re-birth of Screen Director!

The ADG Screen Director magazine ran in the years 1997 until 2008, when we took a break to focus resources on other ADG business. I’m really pleased we can now re-launch our magazine, and I know many of you will celebrate its return.

It is important for our industry to have a forum for rigorous debates about the issues that are driving and challenging us; and to have a place where critical commentary on our screen stories can be aired by working creative professionals. Most important is to hear the voice of the people who make our films, and I hope our Screen Director magazine will provide opinions large and small, will be challenging, at times controversial, and fill a void that has existed for many years, especially since the demise of Filmnews. For any of you who don’t know about this important player in our screen culture from the early 70s until 1994 I encourage you to read Filmnews on Wikipedia and then go and dig through the treasure trove of archived copies.

Many thanks to the efforts of Ben Mizzi, who came to our board meeting over a year ago to talk about his plans to launch Screen Director as a primarily online magazine. Thanks also to Kingston Anderson and Tony Davison for keeping the balls in the air, and the editorial committee who have worked hard to bring this first edition together. Finally of course thanks to all the contributors who have relished the opportunity to talk in depth about the craft of directing, and the issues that confront directors and filmmakers at the moment.

We’re off to a great start with articles by Ruth Cullen, Michael Thornhill and Stephen Wallace, and a terrific spotlight on shorts that in the e-version gives an exciting window to new filmmakers. I recommend the History of the ADG by Stephen Wallace - Stephen knows our history better than anyone - and he’s a damn good storyteller too: we’ve serialised his work to allow more time to savour the many landmarks and people that have made up this vibrant organisation for over thirty years.

Happy reading, we look forward to your comments - loud and noisy, considered and provocative - this is your magazine after all.

Ray Argall
Australian Directors Guild